Tenant Referrals

My name is Farooq and I am a medical student here at WVU.  I lived in the Brickyard building for a year and was extremely lucky to have Phil and Candi as landlords.  They were always friendly and fair, and took care of their properties on a daily basis.  I would definitely rent from them again!
- Farooq Akram Choudhry

My name is Anne and I have lived at the G.W. Phillips Villas for over four years. I love the location because I live in the woods, but am less than 2 miles from I-79. I’m a professional musician and love the fact that the building is so well insulated – it’s so quiet and peaceful here that I often forget that there are other tenants, which is one of the reasons I moved to this location. Phil and Candi Ondo are really great landlords. Any time I’ve had a problem at the apartment, they have responded quickly and efficiently. The grounds are always well maintained year round, so it’s both beautiful and safe.



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